Aloe vera plantation

Aloe Vera in Fuerteventura

Looking for something different when you’re on your holiday in Fuerteventura? Perhaps you’d like to consider a trip to see the aloe vera plants on the island. 

The island has the ideal soil, and coupled with the dry weather conditions makes Fuerteventura the perfect match for the plant.  Developed mainly as a result from the demand for moisturising products by tourists and locals alike. Fuerteventura switched its main product of goats’ cheese to that of production of high-quality moisturising products extracted from the aloe very plant. The moisturisers are now sold all over the Canary Islands and further afield.

Initially, the aloe vera was grown and the aloe extracted in Fuerteventura, and then sent to Alicante in the Costa Blanca (mainland Spain) in order for the extract to be made into quality products. However, due to the high transport costs involved, steps were taken to build a cosmetic factory in Fuerteventura in order to manufacture the products on the island.

Ecological aloe vera plantations are located in the northern part of the island in the town of La Oliva, and further south near Gran Tarajal.  There are around 2000 plants and you can have a guided tour during which you can cut a plant and even test products made from the gel.

What is Aloe Vera?

We’ve probably all head of it, but do we know what it is? Aloe vera is a succulent plant that is widely used in cosmetics and medicines, and is mainly marketed as having healing and soothing properties. In fact, people on their holidays may be using products containing aloe vera without realising it, as it’s a popular ingredient in after-sun products.  Aloe vera now makes its ways into products such as facial tissues and even the everyday tissues where we are told that they are kind to our sore noses.

As it is a species of succulent plant, it’s able to survive where rainfall is at a minimum. It is intolerant to snow and frost and therefore is ideally grown in tropical, or sub-tropical areas – Fuerteventura is therefore ideal.

Some studies have shown that the sap from the plant is effective in the promotion of the healing of wounds and severe burns. So, remember, when you apply your after-sun following a long day at the beach on your Fuerteventura holiday, you may well be using local products.

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