Naveta des Tudons in Menorca

Bronze Age Monument in Menorca

Don’t miss out on seeing the most visited prehistoric monument during your Menorca holiday.

The Naveta d’es Tudons is the oldest roofed building in Spain – a Bronze Age burial chamber which has been restored.

The word naveta is used to describe a burial chamber in the shape of an upturned boat. In fact, navetas are unique to the island of Menorca with 45 currently remaining. Naveta d’es Tudons is known to be in the best condition.

So how was this chamber used? There are 2 levels and the bodies were left on the upper level to decompose and then the bones were moved to the lower level, their final resting place. During excavations that took place during the 1950s, at least 50 corpses were discovered with some still in possession of bronze bracelets around their arm bones. Some were stored in quicklime and furnished with funeral ornaments.

The naveta is 14 meters long, 6 meters wide and around 4 meters high, and the entrance was once sealed off by a stone slab.

Located close to Cuidadella (5km / 3miles east of the town), on the main road.

So, head to Naveta d’es Tudons during your Menorca holidays, and see the oldest monument on the island.

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