If you are planning a holiday to Vallehermoso in La Gomera, the following information may help by giving you an overview on the resort and surrounding area.

From Agulo to the north of La Gomera, the main road then twists and turns towards Vallehermoso “beautiful valley” situated in the old Gomeran province of Agana. Vallehermoso takes its name from hermoso [Spanish for “beautiful”] which is entirely justifiable for it is a pretty village. Vallehermoso has a population greater than San Sebastian – La Gomera’s capital [42 km away] – and is an excellent La Gomera walking base bordering the Garajonay National Park. Like Hermigua, the economic base here is agriculture and you will see again the cultivated terraces climbing up the steep hillsides.

There is a bustling Plaza in the centre and a selection of bars and restaurants. It is the main town in the borough, which also includes a large chunk of Garajonay, plus towards the coast the natural monument of Los Organos – a dramatic cliffscape of volcanic rock shaped into organ like tubes which plunge into the sea. Los Organos is actually best viewed from the sea, and regular boat trips run from Valle Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago in the west and south of La Gomera.

Other attractions for visitors on their Vallehermoso holidays are the chance to buy local crafts and the view the famous Roque Cano [Dog Rock], which at some 690m soars above Vallehermoso and dominates many views locally is named after its resemblance to a canine tooth. Like so many other volcanic outcrops on the island, it is the central volcanic plug of a former volcano – the rest of the old cone has long been eroded away. As you continue to climb, look back over your shoulder for fine views of Vallehermoso and its church. Down to your left, the fertile abundance of the lush valley is clear. Bananas, palm trees, sugar cane, orange groves and vines all jostle for space.

About 250m from the Roque Cano is “The Valley of the 1001 Palms” – although it is unlikely that anyone has really counted the trees here. Look for metal cups attached to the trunks, catching the “honey” or palm sap ready to be boiled down to a rich syrup which is used for La Gomera’s famous palm honey. This valley is a splendid sight, particularly in late afternoon as the sun seems to sink towards its heart. Palm Honey – The delicious palm honey or “miel de palma” of La Gomera and Tenerife makes a unique souvenir of your trip. Miel is not honey in the true sence, but derives from a rich, sugary sap, or guarapo, tapped from the island’s date-palm trees. Ladders leaned agaisnt the palms are a likely sign that the tree is being tapped for its sap, which is boiled [as in the manner of maple syrup] to form a thick, black and very sweet syrup resembling honey. It can usually be bought directly from farms or smallholings, or from outdoor mrkets such as that in San Sebastian

About 20 minutes walk from here you will see the dam wall holding back the reservoir … Embalse de la Encantadora. Despite its function [supplying water to the village and valleys below] this reservoir has a natural and almost ornamental look – h nce its romantic name: The Lake of the Enchanted Lady. Ducks are often to be found here and there is a statue of a man – perhaps a Guanche – stranded on a tiny island with just a pole for company. You can walk all the way round the reservoir, but be prepared to meet the odd goat en route, You will eventually cross the metal bridge and look down the sheer wall of the dam, usually trickling water into the valley.

Getting to Vallehermoso

You will need to fly to Tenerife Sur – TFS and then by boat to La Gomera with taxi from the port to Vallehermoso.  Flight time from the UK : Approximately 4 hours.


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