Canary Islands

Up until about 20 years ago, a holiday in La Gomera was known for its walking activities.  Today, La Gomera boasts a wonderful golf course, attracting visitors to the island and especially from the neighbouring island of Tenerife. Getting to La Gomera If you intend to take a trip to the Canary … Read more about Golfing on your Holiday in La Gomera

When on your La Gomera holiday, head to the resort of San Sebastian de La Gomera to see Torre del Conde (Tower of the Count). The tower is the first building of any historic note on this small Canary island.  A medieval stone fort built by the 1st Count of La Gomera, Herman Peraza, between 1445 and … Read more about Torre del Conde in La Gomera

No holiday in Maspalomas is completed without experiencing the spectacular sand dunes that are one of the best known images of Gran Canaria. Where is Maspalomas? The resort of Maspalomas is on the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Located 58km south of the capital - Las Palmas - and … Read more about The Maspalomas Sand Dunes in Gran Canaria

When you're on your holiday in La Gomera in the Canary Islands, you may hear people talking about something called El Silbo, or Silbo Gomero.  This is the native language of the island.  El Silbo is the ancient whistling language developed by the Guanches who first inhabited the island. The … Read more about Whistling Language of La Gomera

Looking for something different when you’re on your holiday in Fuerteventura? Perhaps you’d like to consider a trip to see the aloe vera plants on the island. The island has the ideal soil, and coupled with the dry weather conditions makes Fuerteventura the perfect match for the plant.  Developed … Read more about Aloe Vera in Fuerteventura

They say happiness comes in waves, and that’s certainly true about surfing in the Canary Islands. Located just 100km off the west coast of Africa, the Canaries benefit from a year-round mild climate, making this an ideal destination for a surfing holiday any time of the year. However, probably … Read more about Canary Islands Surfing

If you’re after peace and quiet, unspoiled landscape, and nature at its best, then a holiday in El Hierro is ideal.  Don’t expect brash nightclubs, bustling resorts, or fast paced activities here as life is much slower and tranquil on El Hierro. The smallest of the islands at just 269 km² (with … Read more about Spotlight on El Hierro Holidays

A holiday in Tenerife is always a popular choice for families, but sometimes you just want to get away from the beach or hotel swimming pool ritual.  You may find yourself searching for something different to keep the children amused.  The good news is, Tenerife has plenty of activities for … Read more about Top 10 Things for Children on a Tenerife Holiday

If you are in need of some winter sun, but simply don’t have time for a week away, then Santa Cruz de Tenerife (the capital of the island of Tenerife) may be the ideal destination for you.  Tenerife is a year-round destination with an average temperature of around 23º during the winter months.  In … Read more about Top 5 Hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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