Spotlight on El Hierro Holidays

If you’re after peace and quiet, unspoiled landscape, and nature at its best, then a holiday in El Hierro is ideal.  Don’t expect brash nightclubs, bustling resorts, or fast paced activities here as life is much slower and tranquil on El Hierro.

The smallest of the islands at just 269 km² (with the exception of La Graciosa), El Hierro is the most westerly Canary Island, and as a result is the last place in Spain where you will see the sun set.

Getting to El Hierro

There are two ways of getting to El Hierro. Flight or ferry.

Flights to El Hierro

The airport is located in Valverde (airport code VDE). However, there are no direct flights into El Hierro from anywhere in the world apart from currently Tenerife (Tenerife North airport), and Gran Canaria. Connecting flights are available from other destinations, but the main airline is Binter Canarias who provide an excellent inter-island service from the other Canary Islands.

Perhaps you could consider a multi-centre holiday in the Canary Islands. Spend a while on another island and then catch an internal flight over to El Hierro. A perfect way to get to know the islands.

Binter Canarias inter-island flights comprise the following. Please check with their website to find the best times, prices and you can book online and receive immediate confirmation to your email. Checking in online is particularly easy and the flight prices include 20kg luggage allowance.  Their website (English version) is

From Fuerteventura (FUE) to El Hierro

Flights are via Tenerife North and the quickest flight time is around 2.5 hours.  Prices are approximately €62 per person

From Gran Canaria (LPA) to El Hierro

Flights are direct and the quickest flight time is approximately 55 minutes with prices around €64 per person

From La Gomera (QGZ) to El Hierro

Flights are via Tenerife North with the quickest flight time being around 2 hours 10 minutes.  Prices are approximately €52 per person

From La Palma (SPC) to El Hierro

Flights are again via Tenerife North. The fastest flight time is around 1 hour 40 minutes and prices average €50 per person

From Lanzarote (ACE) to El Hierro

Flight are via Tenerife North. The quickest flight time is around 2 hours 25 minutes and the average cost is around €64 per person

From Tenerife South (TFS) to El Hierro

This time, flights are via Gran Canaria with the quickest flying time around 3 hours. The average flight price is €74 per person

From Tenerife North (TFN) to El Hierro

You can fly direct into El Hierro with the flight time being around 40 minutes with an average cost of around €40 per person

Ferries to El Hierro

Naviera Armas sails once a day from Sunday to Friday to/from Los Cristianos in Tenerife (via the island of La Gomera), and takes just under 3 hours.  Departure times do vary so we’d recommend you check the details as you may need to match your flight arrival time to coincide with the ferry departure times. Alterntively you could spend a night in Los Cristianos so you can catch the ferry the following day.  One of the easier sites to use for information is

El Hierro Beaches and Natural Pools

With over 35 beaches to choose from around this small island, there’s plenty to explore.

Arenas Blancas in Frontera is totally unspoiled and not crowded. The beach doesn’t normally experience strong waves or currents and is therefore ideal for swimming.

Playa El Varodal in Frontera is a particularly wide beach with its sand being a reddish colour.

Tamaduste Beach in Valverde is a small beach with crystal clear water

Las Playas in Valverde is black volcanic sand

natural pool in El Hierro

Natural Swimming Pools

You will find some natural pools in El Hierro created from volcanic eruptions and with the water being constantly replenished by the sea.  Protected from any rough seas, some of the pools are interconnected and a wonderful environment to experience swimming with a difference. Pools include:

Playa de Tacoron : a secluded beach about a 10 minute drive from La Restinga, housing natural rock swimming pools.  There are steps down into the water making it easier for you to get in/out of the pools. You’ll also benefit from some wonderful views here.

Playa La Caleta has steps down into the sea as well as some man-made pools that house the seawater.

Charco Azul are two natural salt pools that have been adapted for use as swimming pools as access can be gained via a staircase and you will also find showers, a bar/restaurant very close by.

La Maceta is a complex of 3 natural pools with some good picnic areas with BBQ facilities or with a few restaurants in the area providing fresh fish dishes.

Eating Out

You will find a small selection of restaurants in El Hierro with the speciality being, expectedly, seafood. However, other dishes do make the menus such as meat stew.   No visit to El Hierro (or indeed the Canary Islands) without trying papas arrugadas. These are wrinkled potatoes that have been boiled in salty water and served with a mojo sauce. This is either mojo rojo (red) or mojo verde (green) and both are made with vinegar, oil, garlic, salt and spices. Try the local wine produced in El Golfo, although be careful as it has a high alcohol content). To round off the meal, taste some local cheese in quesadillas which are cheese-based desserts.

Canary potatoes

Being Active in El Hierro

Hiking in El Hierro is a very popular activity enabling you to explore the landscape of pine forests and sheer mountain cliffs.   There are viewing platforms (miradors) around the island offering the best views of the island and wonderful photographic opportunities.

El Hierro Weather

Below are the annual averages for the weather in El Hierro. The best time for an El Hierro holiday is from May to October. Expect the daylight hours during the summer months to be slightly shorter than in Europe, but with the benefit of longer daylight hours during the winter months.

weather cloud


Jan 21ºC 17ºC 5
Feb 20ºC 16ºC 6
Mar 21ºC 17ºC 6
Apr 22ºC 17ºC 7
May 23ºC 18ºC 8
Jun 23ºC 19ºC 8
Jul 23ºC 21ºC 7
Aug 23ºC 21ºC 8
Sep 23ºC 22ºC 7
Oct 23ºC 21ºC 6
Nov 23ºC 20ºC 5
Dec 23ºC 18ºC 4


holiday in El Hierro will get you away from the more touristy destinations such a Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, but still with the wonderful hospitality you can expect from the Canary Islands.

Contact us for more details on hotels and apartments on El Hierro to see if you could like to holiday away from it all.

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