Prague City Break

When to Plan a Prague City Break

When visiting a new city, it is sometimes difficult to know what the weather and temperature will be like once you arrive.

So, before you jet off on your Prague city break, just take a while to consider when will be the best time to visit. 

On the whole, winters can be bitterly cold and summers are normally not only the hottest, but can be the most expensive time to visit.

The best times to visit Prague are May to June, and then September to October inclusive. However, don’t dismiss the winter months. Although they are cold, this is when you will benefit from the height of the opera and concert season. But, don’t forget to pack some suitable footwear for snowy conditions.

The following are average temperatures you can expect for each month.

January : -1ºC or 30°F
February : 0°C or 32°F
March : 4°C or 39°F
April : 9°C or 48°F
May : 14°C or 57°F
June : 17°C or 63°F
July : 19°C or 66°F
August : 18°C or 65°F
September : 14°C or 57°F
October : 9°C or 48°F
November : 4°C or 39°F
December : 0°C or 32°F

Prague Charles Bridge

Spring is a lovely time to go to Prague. You will be able to see the fruit trees in full bloom. If you won’t particularly like crowds, then aboid the main summer months when the city can also be a little oppresive.

Autumn may be a better time for you to visit, when the main tourists season has finished and the days are still warm.

If Christmas markets are of interest to youy, then December will be ideal. You will be able to take advantage of the famous Prague Christmas Market, and take some great souvenirs, and presents, home as a reminder of your Prague city break. 

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